Chloe Amour Seeks Suitor Matching Her $206K Salary

Chloe Amour’s ultra-strict dating rules are a deliberate strategy to filter out unsuitable suitors with poor hygiene. Interestingly, she has shifted away from considering close-minded individuals and now prefers mature, older men whose annual earnings match or exceed her substantial $206K income.

Despite facing judgment from some quarters, this Los Angeles native views financial security as a positive attribute in a partner.


Chloe Amour, a model with 900K+ followers, values financial compatibility, earning over $20K monthly online.

Chloe Amour

Chloe’s upbringing was not affluent; her single mother faced financial challenges while raising her and her sister. This is why she values dating someone who earns an equivalent or higher salary; it signifies financial security. Beyond that, she seeks a partner who can independently provide for themselves and a potential family, prioritizing safety and stability in her future.


According to her, emotional intelligence and exceptional kissing skills are also crucial prerequisites for her ideal partner.

Chloe Amour

Among her deal-breakers, Chloe Amour included poor hygiene, excessive partying, and deceitfulness.

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